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Build your audience

Connect with a friendly community of highly engaged early adopters and influencers, creating authentic content.

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Get product feedback before launch

An invaluable source of market research. Get real qualitative feedback from real consumers, fast.

Be part of something

Use our events, channels to grow your grassroots fanbase. Get connected with other brands in the Launchbox family.

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What is Launchbox?

Launchbox is a community-powered testbed for new products. Brands share their pre-launch product with a select community who sample it and give detailed personal feedback. We've learnt that this is a great way to start building a deep relationship with your first customers, some of which may become huge advocates of the product. Submit your product to be a part of a future edition.

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Step 1
Chat with us

We'll sit down with you to understand your needs: what you want to get from the box, where your product is at, when you'd like to be included.

Step 2
Get product ready for sharing!

We'll discuss with you the ship date for being in a future box, quantity that will be needed etc. Start preparing your product! No packaging yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Step 3
Share time!

Rest easy, we handle all the logistics and feedback collection. You'll start collecting feedback in no time, helping you improve your product. Launchboxers will share content about your product helping raise your profile, and you'll pick up a collection of new fans along the way!

Our story

Makers, meet tasters.
We're on a mission to help food and drink startups get the feedback they need and audience they deserve ✊

Doing something new or unconventional? We're here to connect the movers and shakers in the food and drink space with a community of early adopters, eager to try exciting new things.

In 2017, we were both working on startup businesses and we learned a few things on the road:
  • The best feedback comes from the people you don't know
  • It's pretty damn hard to get useful feedback in the street.

  • And Launchbox was born 👶

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